Jump Several Inches Higher Immediately 
Without gaining Any Strength Or Quickness
Our athletes have added several inches to their vertical almost immediately* with simple improvements to their jumping technique, form, flexibility, tendon reactivity & CNS activation...
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from players SEEING IMMEDIATE results*:
Power Bouncing
Gain Explosiveness with your Tendons
  • How to Improve your 2 foot jumping explosiveness using a simple drill that starts working immediately 
  • A simple exercise to increase tendon elasticity & power output.
  • How to increase your body's jumping power efficiency using the "Kangaroo" effect.
  • Jump higher instantly by using pre ground contact acceleration.
Ultimate Jumping Primer
Prime All Your Jumping Systems
  • How to prep all 3 systems that are critical for maximum performance.
  • How to "prime" your CNS (central nervous system) to send more poweful impulses to your muscles.
  • How to increase muscle and tendon elasticity for greater power output.
CNS Activation
More Power to your Muscles
  • Strengthen the muscle activation patterns in your jumping muscles.
  • Your jumping muscles are literally powered by an electrical impulse from your central nervous system.
  • You can systematically increase the impulse by using an exercise method developed by Russian trainers called "Shock Training".
Post Activation Potentiation
Trick your Muscles Into More Power
  • Use resistance to trick your muscles into contracting faster. This is called "Post activation potentiation."
  • How to activate more muscle fibers in your jumping muscles and to increase your muscle activation efficiency.
  • You will not only jump higher immediately, but it will greatly increase your vertical muscle velocity over time.
master the "Penultimate Step"
secret of Olympic High Jumpers
  • Jump higher by changing your second to last step.
  • Secret used by track and field jumpers to add extra inches to their long, triple, or high jumping.
  • I'll show you why it works, and exactly how to train it.
Stretches For your vertical leap
For Increased Power Output
  • Tune your body for jumping with strategic stretches.
  • Learn 3 stretches that reduce reistance in your body when jumping and let you "cheat" by giving you extra reach.
  • I'll teach you why and exactly how to do the stretches.
Proper Planting
How to plant to "pop" your jump
  • Many athletes actually get less height on their jump than they could because they plant improperly when jumping.
  • Planting properly propels you upward and gives you more "pop".
Palm a basketball 
even with small hands
Techniques and Exercises
  • Learn simple techniques and tricks to help even the smallest of hands get a good grip on the ball.
  • A simple exercise to strengthen the right areas of the hand so that you can easily palm a basketball no matter the size of your hands.
"I stand behind my products. I want you to get results from this and if you're not satisfied with the progress you see from this program, let me know and I'll get you a full refund."
-Jacob Hiller, Performance Enhancement Coach
unlock hidden power in 
your vertical leap...
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If you want to jump higher, "movement efficiency" training is the FASTEST way to increase your vertical leap.
What is movement efficiency?
It’s how well your body can use your available jumping power. 

For example...

Try throwing a baseball as far as you can with your dominant hand. Now throw it with your off-hand. 

Which ball went farther?

Of course the one you threw with your dominant hand. Why?

Your dominant hand isn't necessarily weaker than your off-hand. So it's not because of a lack of strength. 

It's because your throwing technique is poor with your off-hand. It feels awkward... and because of that poor form, you can't use all your available power

It's no different with jumping...

...if you have poor jumping form you won't be able to use all the strength you have potential to use… 

You’ll always be limited by your poor technique.  

…And don’t be lulled into thinking that you already have perfect jumping mechanics (it’s very rare that I ever see an athlete with perfect movement efficiency).

How you plant, how you approach, how flexible you are, how you use your arms, etc..  

...these all contribute to a higher vertical when done right. 

Come on… Is it really possible to jump higher that fast? 
I’ve trained thousands of athletes who added several inches to their vertical immediately*, just by improving their movement efficiency.

The reason movement efficiency training can increase your vertical leap immediately is because it’s not based on gaining muscle (which takes time)… 

It’s based on moving more efficiently which allows you to use more of the jumping power you already have

Track and field athletes know this and they work hard on improving technique and mechanics because they know it can be the difference between winning and placing. 

Over the years I've compiled about a dozen techniques that help you correct and improve your movement efficiency and I've put them into a program called Instant Inches. 

The techniques compiled inside Instant Inches allow you to unlock more of the jumping power you already have. 

I wish I had these all when I was back in Jr High and High School. 

Take advantage of them. You'll be glad you did. 

To your success,
-Jacob Hiller
unlock hidden power in 
your vertical leap...
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*The results described are not typical and will vary based on a variety of factors. Always consult with a physician to ensure that you are healthy enough to handle intense workouts like this.

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