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It's Time To Take Your Athleticism To The Next Level...
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We're Here to help you Transform From Average To Elite-Level Athlete.
Our methods are the culmination of 15+ years of scientific research into the most effective exercises, training sequences and techniques to unlock your explosive athleticism.

This is no ordinary "coaching" program.

We're not just going to show you what to do (by giving you access to 7+ of our proven training protocols), we're going to PERSONALLY help you implement it every step of the way...
Tested & Proven On Over 100,000 Athletes Worldwide...
"I'm 5,10... I went from a 33inch maximum vertical jump to a 44.5 inch maximum vertical jump..." 
"I measured (my vertical) in 8th grade and it was about 29" and now I'm at 42". Just trust the program and follow it as closely as possible... 
"my vert was 20 inches and now its 38-39ish I can dunk with ease..."
"I'm 5ft 9.5. My result of the training, few more inches and I'll be dunkin'."
Members Get Access To Proven, World-Class Training...
Personal Help Every Step Of The Way...
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...which adds up to just $19.95 a month.

Affordable enough for any determined athlete (you could probably find more than 66 cents lying around on the sidewalk everyday).... but enough to keep out those who aren't serious.

There's never any contract. Stay on as long as you want, cancel anytime. 

No hassles. EVER.
Frequently Asked Questions:
Is My Son/Daughter Too Young For This?
Getting a jump start on your child's athletic development is one of the best things you can do to give them an advantage over the competition and increase their confidence. The truth about this is that if your child is competing at a sport they are already putting training level stress on their body in "uncontrolled environments". Proper training (in a controlled environment) will not only increase performance but your child's body will be strengthened and less prone to injury during competition.
Am I Too Old For This?
Of course you should always check with your physician to see if you are healthy enough to start any intense workout regimen like this. If so, as long as your joints are in good shape you are ready to start training. I have trained 45+ year olds who go from touching the rim, to dunking a basketball. No matter what age you are if you are playing basketball recreationally or competitively you can benefit from this training.
Do I need access to a weight room to use this?
No, you do not need access to a weight room. While resistance training is an important part of getting the maximum benefit from your training a weight room is not necessary. We provide exercises you can do with or without a weight room, a weight room is simply a convenient way to provide resistance to muscles.
how do I know this will work for me?
Our training is founded on scientifically accurate principles that have proven to be effective for thousands of athletes. BUT... you must use it properly in order for it to work for you. 

At some point, something in your training will definitely go wrong because of any number of factors, from not doing the exercises the right way... to not getting your recovery right...
So if we know that's going to happen anyway, doesn't it make sense to have somebody that can help you with it, live, in-person, constantly? 

The beauty of being an HQ member is that if you’re not making improvements and you’re not sure why, you can and hop on with Jacob on any LIVE calls or chat with our coaching desk anytime and we’ll go over it, figure out what's wrong and ensure you're making progress. 
Is this type of training dangerous?
In order to completely eliminate any possibility of injury you would have to sit the sidelines... and any high intensity sports competition or training has an inherently higher degree of injury potential...

That's why we provide every necessary precaution to ensure that your training and subsequent athletic performances are as safe and injury-free as possible. Included are sections solely devoted to injury prevention and recovery. 
How are you qualified?
Jacob Hiller has trained thousands of athletes all over the world at every level including Amateur, Professional and Olympic. But maybe even more important that that, Jacob was once in your shoes. From years of research and trial and error he took himself from average to an elite level athlete. His training has helped thousands of athletes significantly improve their athleticism... and has garnered the attention of organizations such as ESPN, Sports Illustrated, Men's Health and more. 
Ok… What's the catch?
This requires hard work, discipline, focus, and consideration. You must dedicate yourself to your training if you want to see results. The good news is that this training will allow you to see more and quicker results for those efforts because you'll be training smarter. 
When will I be charged?
Once when you sign up, and then every 30 days after that. You can cancel anytime.
What happens if I cancel? 
You won’t be charged anymore but you will lose access to the membership area and any new trainings, product updates, video calls, and coaching support. 
Is there a contract?
No contract. It’s month to month so you can cancel anytime.
What happens if it doesn't work for me?
Just tell support within 60 days of signing up and we'll give you a full refund (it's easy, just click the support link in the menu area of your membership dashboard)...

...But the better option would be to get in contact with the coaching desk early on if you’re not seeing results and have them figure out why… because there's really only 2 reasons why it shouldn't work:

1. You're not healthy enough for intense exercise… 


2. You're not doing it right (HOW you do the exercises is as much if not more important than WHAT exercises you do). So just stay in close contact with the coaches from the beginning. 
After joining, how quickly do I get access?
As soon as you join you'll receive an email with your username and login. 

If you don't see that email within 10-15 minutes, just let support know here and they'll get your login info to you asap. 
I'm nervous to buy online... What should I do?
First, we use Stripe to process our payments. Stripe has been audited by a PCI-certified auditor, and is certified to PCI Service Provider Level 1. This is the most stringent level of certification available. 

Second, if you're using any of the major credit card providers (like Visa, MasterCard, Amex, etc) your credit card provider has fraud protection in which they will reimburse you the cost of any fraudulent charges. 

So not only are you protected by top level security through Stripe, but you also have the protection of your credit card company. It's about as safe as you can get. 

In fact, sending a check in the mail would probably be more dangerous because a perpetrator would have your bank account and routing info... and Visa isn't going to reimburse you for losses from that. 

Here are links to the fraud protection guarantee of just a few of the major credit card companies:

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