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  •  Setup with no equipment and just a cell phone camera.
  •  Develop both strength and explosiveness in one exercise.
  • Start seeing results from technique improvements today.
  •  Muscular and central nervous system gains seen in 4 days on average.
We've tested and trained over 2300 athletes.
About The Author
Jacob Hiller
Vertical Jump Specialist
Pro Athletic Trainer
Jacob Hiller is considered one of the most sought after vertical jump trainers in the world. He has trained athletes in over 43 different countries around the world at Amateur, Collegiate, Professional, NBA and Olympic levels. 

He has been sought out by organizations such as ESPN, Men's Health, Fadeaway Magazine and others to learn his methods. 

Jacob consistently maintains a 40+ inch vertical leap (even past age 30).
  • This has performed better than any other single exercise we've tested in 10+ years of research.
  •  We created this exercise in our lab after analyzing hundreds of exercises and how they impact vertical leap (you won't find this anywhere else).
  •  Develop both strength and explosiveness in one exercise.
  •  Only takes a few minutes a week to start getting results from it.
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